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DO YOU WANT TO MAKE 2022 Your Year To…

Increase your sales numbers to high six or seven figures.
Work less and make more money.
Enjoy more spare time with your family or following your passion.
Live every day with high energy and purpose and ultimate health.
Create your own work-life balance and integration.
Become laser-focused on your goals and achieve them.
Ramp up your commitment to be successful.
Increase your productivity in all areas.
Build better relationships with family, friends, clients, and colleagues.
Create more freedom for yourself and your family.

If you have the desire to make 2022 your year to achieve phenomenal sales success while having more time, energy, balance and ultimately freedom, I invite you to accept my invitation for a free High-Performance Call.

All the agents you see in the videos on this page have achieved this and so much more. Now it can be your turn.

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I just wanted to say thank you. I just hit $1.2million for the year while having a life, working 4 days a week, having family priority, surfing twice a week, keeping fit and still mentally energised. Thank you for the support legend. Learn how Marcus leveraged coaching to help him get the work life model right.

Marcus Washington

How did selling principal Lucas Pratt become a 3million dollar GCI agent and how did coaching help? Lucas quickly shares the key parts of building success and running an office and the impact coaching has had on his life and business success.

Hi, I’m Jet Xavier. A high-performance coach who specialises in helping agents make more sales, become more efficient and effective with their time, create better health and more energy, gain clarity, focus on what is important right now and create the ultimate freedom lifestyle.
As your high-performance coach, I will guide you on your journey to:
Increase your sales to continuously achieve high 6 & 7 figures plus.
Create a life of freedom from the daily hustle and grind and show you how to work smarter not harder.
Gain clarity and focus on what is important while ignoring the constant distractions that come your way trying to steal and waste your time.
Stay committed to your purpose and direction.
Increase productivity to achieve more in less time.
Build better relationships that are meaningful and eternal.
Live a life with an abundance of energy every day.
Build the ultimate accountability system for your life and business.
High Performance Coaching is more than creating a path to 7 figures in sales. It is also about achieving this success without it impacting your time, energy, health, balance and freedom.
The videos on this page are just a sample of the many agents (just normal people like you and me) I have helped achieve 7 figure sales while managing time more effectively, maintaining energy and health goals, experiencing balance, and creating lifestyle and freedom.
I would love to have the opportunity to help you do the same.
Click on the button below to schedule a free High-Performance call today, and let’s get together to discuss how we can make 2022 a high-performance year for you.

Cooper Watson is a 2 million GCI selling principal and leads a team of 22. Find out how coaching has helped him build great success and what you should know about how to create success without losing everything.

Lyndall Allen is a million dollar agent. Lyndall shares her road to her best year ever and why coaching was the deciding factor to it.

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Greg Vincent has had many challenges over the last 10 years but remarkably in just a couple of years at was able to write over 1 million GCI. Greg was stuck in the I can do it myself cycle when he reached out and started coaching.

Why use Jet Xavier????


Jet has conducted over 5000 HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUMAN coaching and training sessions with individuals and teams, particularly in sales-focused industries.
He has helped many sales agents and teams to achieve their career best. Many have achieved the 7-figure range. At the same time enabling them, to avoid burnout, boost health and energy levels, decrease stress, enhance relationships (and sometime save them), stay motivated, focused, and improve the quality of their work-life integration.
Jet doesn’t just talk about results he has proven to get results.
If you are serious about having your best year ever in business and life then book a FREE HIGH PERFORMANCE CONSULT NOW.
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