I just wanted to say thank you. I just hit $1.2million for the year while having a life, working 4 days a week, having family priority, surfing twice a week, keeping fit and still mentally energised. Thank you for the support legend.

Marcus Washington

“If You Are A Successful Business Owner Or Career Person Who Has Neglected Your Family, Ignored Your Declining Health and Are Ruining Your Life in Pursuit of Building Your Business or Career... Listen up”

Your Constant Chase of Success at the Expense of Everything Else Will Leave You Lonely, Miserable and Depressed. It’s Time to ‘CHANGE’

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Successful Loser vs High Performance Human

Hi. I’m Jet Xavier, 
the High-Performance Guy.
I would like you to answer a few questions and be honest with yourself.
Do any or all of the important areas of your life, excluding your business or career, suck?
Does your health suck? Overweight, no energy, stressed, depressed.
Does your relationship with your partner suck? Lack of sex, small talk conversations, more like an acquaintance than your lover and best friend.
Does your communication with your kids suck? More yelling than talking, can’t relate, and they have low respect for you.
Do you put all your energy and time into building your high 6 or 7-figure business or career, leaving little for the other, important areas of your life?

If you answered 'YES' to at least one of my questions, you fit the definition of a

Successful Loser.

Sorry, but hey, let’s be honest.
Focusing only on your business or career success and neglecting everything else, including your family, will only end one way. And it isn’t good. Believe me, I know.
I was the ultimate Successful Loser living a manufactured lie.
To the outside world, I had the dream lifestyle, but behind closed doors…

My life was a train wreck.

Divorced and a crap dad.
Overweight and in poor health.
Broke and in serious debt.
I had a drinking problem.
I took my partner for granted.
Was depressed, lonely, lazy and lost.
Until the day I woke up and decided to turn my life around and become a


Someone my kids, family, friends, and I could be proud of, and ultimately give me a new direction and purpose in life.
Once I had made the decision, things changed for me.

Trekked to Base Camp Mount Everest, taking a group of business owners on the personal development trek of a lifetime.

Found my purpose and passion again and created the HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUMAN SYSTEM. Helping people who have created a level of success but are not in harmony, alignment, and flow with every aspect of their life, and are missing their true potential because of it.

Released my first book CHAMPIONS CRY TOO www.championscrytoo.com.au.

Conducted the first-ever research into wellness and wellbeing in the Australian real estate industry and released two whitepapers to change the conversation around wellness and wellbeing.

Committed myself to serve, contribute and collaborate as much as I could with others to make a difference.

Did a 10-day retreat, with no talking and 10 hours of meditation per day, to stop the busy mind and connect to the deeper aspects of who I was and what I really wanted in life – a mind-blowing experience that allowed me to conquer stress.

Became extremely motivated and focused on what’s important and stopped compromising and living an average life.

Got diagnosed and recovered from depression and ADHD, which had been sabotaging my life.

Reconnected with my kids.

I lost 17 kilos and became the fittest and healthiest I had ever been.

Travelled the world by myself to reconnect, re-center and start again mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Left my beautiful nine-year relationship, which was the hardest thing I ever did, and eventually met my new partner (which has been the best thing I ever did).

Sold everything I owned and embraced minimalist lifestyle principles.

Moved 1000km away interstate and created life again on my terms without compromise.

Recovered from my binge drinking by getting help and owning my problem.

Got out of serious debt.

Doubled my six-figure income to having my best year ever, still only doing it part-time.


I just wanted to say thank you. I just hit $1.2million for the year while having a life, working 4 days a week, having family priority, surfing twice a week, keeping fit and still mentally energised. Thank you for the support legend.

Marcus Washington

Prior to meeting Jet, I was running on adrenaline, anger, fear with my world revolving competition and comparison. I was heading in the wrong direction. I was hospitalised from burnout and could have lost it all. Jet has educated me on how my emotions and brain work. How to be present, centred, alive and in flow. I now work smarter, not harder, within a team that I am building with his assistance.

Jed Wood Top Real Estate Agent

Jet knows how to get down to the nitty-gritty of what really matters in life. He gives valuable reminders that working smarter rather than harder can be literally life-saving in more ways than one.

Georgi Bates – Partner, Cunninghams Real Estate

I did 18 months of training with Jet….He revolutionised my thinking on so many different levels, both personally and professionally… (and he’s still my go-to man when I need some “centralising”). What I learnt about optimal performance and how I work best (the environment and conditions I need to work at my highest level) was one of the most powerful things he taught me!

Naomi Twyford

With a team of 26 people it’s vital I get the right people involved in my business. Jet has helped me be a better leader and the team has become more confident and gotten better results having him involved.

Ben Chick – Owner, Explore Property Mackay

I completely agree that people come into your lives at just the right time; if you’re open and ready for the lesson, the teacher shows up! I realised today whilst on my walk, that you have shown me how powerful I am. I have the ability to improve the quality of people’s lives doing what I love to do. It’s effortless when you live your life that way. The quality of engagement I now have with people I’m in contact with, my team, my family, the community, has escalated phenomenally. I feel like I have purpose and direction and you’ve been so instrumental in that.

Andrea Tucker – Owner, McGrath Ulladulla, NSW

Working with Jet and his HIGH PERFORMANCE HUMAN SYSTEM helped me gain confidence and clarity. His step by step system and strategies helped me shift my mindset and his 360 approach to success allowed me not only to improve my business but many other aspects of my personal life as well. I highly recommend Jet and the HIGH PERFORMANCE HUMAN SYSTEM to anyone who wants to take their life and business to another level.

Aneta Siedlecka – Integrated Wellbeing

Along my transformational journey, I recorded everything. I researched and studied high-performance individuals in a variety of fields and discovered the

5 Key Drivers High-Performance Humans Use to Create and Achieve Real Holistic Success in Life and Business.

Now I’m on a mission to share this knowledge with as many other successful businesspeople and career orientated people who, like I once did, put everything into growing their company or career at the expense of their marriage, relationship with their kids, health both physically and mentally, and financial security for their family.
People who are living an unauthentic life.
If that sounds like you…it’s time to stop being a Successful Loser and transform yourself into a High-Performance Human.
To create balance and build success in ALL areas of your life, not just your business or career.
So, fill in your details for a FREE 30-minute High-Performance Human Strategy Session with me.
During the session, we’ll discuss

Where you are at right now,

The areas of your life you want to improve,

And I’ll share with you the, 5 Key Drivers High-Performance Humans Use to Create and Achieve Real Holistic Success in Life and Business.

By the end of our time together, you will have the tools to manage the stress, pressure and overwhelm, be a loving, caring partner, a great parent, someone others will respect, with the Focus, Consistency and Motivation to improve all areas of your life,

Creating Success Without Limitations.

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Who is the Free 30-minute High-Performance Human Strategy Session Suitable For?

Jet works with Business Owners or career focused individuals who have created Successful High Six and Seven Figure Companies or careers but suffer from one or more of the following:

You rely on Alcohol or Drugs to get you through, which will lead to a serious addiction.

You are a Successful Loser!

You are your own Worst Enemy.

You are Wandering Aimlessly through your mid-life.

You have no sense of Vision, Purpose, Motivation, or Direction.

You suffer from Depression, possibly undiagnosed.

You feel you are just Going Through the Motions every day like a frigging hamster on the hamster wheel.

You are on the fast track for a Heart Attack if you don’t make some changes.

You are in Massive Denial of how your life really is.

You suffer from Financial Neglect and Irresponsibility to secure your future.

You can’t remember the last time you had Sex with your partner.

Despite making great money, you are Broke and in Bad Debt because of your lifestyle choices.

You Don’t Switch Off and fear you might miss out if you don’t answer emails, calls etc immediately.

Always feel Stressed, Anxious and Under Pressure.

Your kids are growing to Hate you.

You have become Disillusioned with the direction your life has headed, wondering if it is all worth it.

Your Relationship with your partner has gone to crap, possibly divorced.

You are Unhealthy, Overweight, and Lack Basic Fitness.

Lonely even if you’re married or with a partner.

You’re Overwhelmed, leading to frustration and anger with everybody.

You find it Hard to Relax.

On the inside, you feel as if Something is Missing but don’t know how to fill the void.

You constantly Yell at your Kids and don’t spend any quality time with them.

Lack of Energy and Exhaustion from poor lifestyle choices.

Never have Enough Time to get everything done.

If you run a successful business or career but can relate to one or more of the points above…
It’s time to STOP living as a Successful Loser and START living as a High-Performance Human.
Schedule Your Free 30-minute High-Performance Human Strategy Session with me Today. Let me show you how to turn your life around and become Focused, Consistent, and Motivated to improve all areas of your life, resulting in Balance, Harmony, Happiness and Massive Success.

Schedule Your Free 30-minute High-Performance Human Strategy Session with Jet Xavier

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About Jet Xavier

Jet Xavier is known as “THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE GUY”. A sought-after speaker, coach trainer and mentor, ENERGIZING, OPTIMIZING, and POTENTIALISING INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS for HIGH PERFORMANCE.
As the HIGH-PERFORMANCE GUY, Jet focuses on HIGH-PERFORMANCE from a holistic perspective. For Jet a
Jet has conducted over 5000 HIGH-PERFORMANCE HUMAN coaching and training sessions with individuals and teams, particularly in sales-focused industries.
He has helped many sales agents and teams to increase their commissions by over $250,000 plus per year. At the same time enabling them, to avoid burnout, boost energy levels, decrease stress, stay motivated, focused, and improve the quality of their work-life integration.

Are You Ready to Step Up, Face the Reality That You May Be A Successful Loser, and Make the Necessary Changes to Become a High-Performance Human?

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